How to Play (Original)

The Boba Heist Original

THE BOBA HEIST is a race to become the next BOBA MASTERMIND and stopping your fellow Boba Shakers from beating you to it!

The First shaker who manages to get 12 points by matching the ingredients on hand to the required ingredient icons on each Boba Tea Card wins the game!

Game Set up

1. Start by splitting the Draw Cards and Boba Tea Bank Cards into 2 decks .

2. Set up your Boba Tea menu by shuffling the Boba Tea Bank deck, placing 5 Boba Tea Cards in the centre, facing up. Place the remaining deck aside, facing down.

3. Shuffle the Draw Cards deck and deal 7 cards to each Boba Shaker, facing down.

4. Place the remaining Draw Cards deck in the centre, facing down.

5. Decide who goes first!

Gameplay Tutorial

1. Draw 2 Draw Cards to start each turn.

2. During your turn, you have 2 moves which can be played in any of the following combinations:
A. Play an Action Card from your hand.

B. Shaking a Boba Tea means completing a Boba Tea and taking it from the menu:
B.1 Collect the Boba Tea Card and place it in front of you.
Accumulate points! (Shown on the left corner of the card)
B.2 Refill the menu back to 5 Boba Tea Cards by flipping cards from the Boba Tea Bank deck.

C. You may discard excess Draw Cards from your hand before your turn is over, or risk getting caught!

D. End your turn when you are out of moves or when you do not have any cards to play.

3. After ending your turn, a Boba Shaker cannot be holding more than 10 Draw Cards.
Fellow Boba Shakers who catch you can randomly select 5 Draw Cards from your hand for you to keep. You must discard the remaining cards into the discard pile.

4. Put all used Draw Cards (Ingredient & Action Cards) into the discard pile. Reshuffle when the Draw Card deck has ran out of cards.

Boba Pandemic

The Boba Shaker who flipped the card from the Bank to refill the menu will lose all Boba Teas in front of you! (Even if the Boba tea you are shaking got stolen.)
1. Discard all Ingredient Cards used.
2. Discard Boba Teas previously shaken.
3. Shuffle the Boba Pandemic Card back into the Boba Tea bank.
Keep calm and keep on playing.