About The Boba Heist

Play THE BOBA HEIST race to become the next BOBA MASTERMIND and stop your fellow Boba Shakers from beating you to it!

The Boba Heist is a highly strategic and family friendly card game that is easy to pick up and play on any occasion.

Let's get stealin', shakin' and sippin'!

Choose to shake a drink with ingredients on hand or heist away your fellow Boba Shaker’s Boba Tea! The first Boba Shaker to gather 12 points wins the Boba Mastermind title. Beware of flipping a Boba Pandemic card while making a Boba Tea as it will cause you to lose all Boba Teas made!

  • Getting your friends to 'share' their drinks with you, even though they may not be willing. As they say, sharing is caring after all, right?

  • Gather all the right ingredients, shake them well to make your drinks. The higher the points, the closer you are to winning!

  • Steal fellow Boba Shakers' drinks with the correct Action cards. Beware! Fellow Boba Shaker may block your attack too!

What's Inside

The game consist of an instruction booklet and 121 card pieces made up of 65 Draw cards, 26 Action cards and 30 Boba Tea Cards.

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Challenge your friends and family to a game to see who is the best boba tea maker!

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